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Diamanten ring

Our story

We strive to make precious jewelry accessible so that everyone can own their own showpiece. That is why we deliberately do not use high profit margins on the sale of our products. Seeing is believing? We encourage you to compare prices. You will be amazed. In addition, we believe in sustainability and would like to see everyone, regardless of their budget, no longer invest in disposable items, but in lasting beautiful jewelery with meaning and value.

What jewelery can you expect from us?

We search the world digitally and physically to only get hold of sustainable and precious jewellery. These can be rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. You will only find precious metals from 14 carat in our collection. We mainly buy white, yellow and rose gold, diamonds and also a variety of beautiful gemstones such as Tanzanite, Ruby, Aquamarine and Olive. 

How do we do that?

If we have a piece of jewelry in mind for Starlit Splendors, we do our utmost to get it for a fair price. This often involves import duties, auction fees, insurance costs and sometimes certification costs. Once we have received the piece of jewelry, we offer it on the website with a minimal profit margin. Very simple actually. Since jewelers generally use bizarrely high profit margins, we can easily ask affordable and reasonable prices. So that everyone can become the proud owner of high-quality jewelery without excessive price tags.  


We believe that a beautiful piece of jewelry can be a source of joy and self-expression, and we strive to make this opportunity a reality for everyone.



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